Warts, elephants and clouds...

We’ve been speaking to the attendees of next week’s Cloud Transformation workshop about why they’re coming.

Like us, they aren’t interested in a discussion about the benefits of cloud. It’s been done to death in other events and media, and it isn’t a good use of their valuable time.

Instead we’re having a warts and all discussion on the many challenges and risks financial institutions face when implementing a move to cloud. We’re addressing the elephants in the room when cloud based futures are discussed. In doing so it’s attracted a useful mix of Heads of tech, risk and cloud - some of whom haven’t taken any steps towards the cloud yet, whilst others are in progress.

We address the most important challenges, including:

  • The new risk model for hybrid cloud, and how to overcome the obstacles in adapting / complying with bank security policies
  • Managing complexity, with multiple vendors, complex technology stacks and data and workloads spread across different environments
  • The need for transformation before legacy systems can be decommissioned and existing RTB costs cut
  • Incentivising faster adoption of new platforms by internal customers
  • The cultural challenge of fundamentally changing IT support processes and introducing DevOps
  • How regulatory requirements can delay projects – and how regulatory stances seem likely to evolve

We have 5 places left in this meeting of 30 financial institutions. It’s just 2 hours + drinks at the end of the day on Thursday 28th next week. Shangri-la Hotel at the Shard.

If you, or a colleague, fit the group profile – heads of technology, ops, risk etc from financial institutions - we’d love to see you there.

Please register your interest today and we'll let you know who else is coming

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